All your questions, answered!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you still open? 

  • Yes, we are open! We are here every day starting at 11:00am for any wine or beer retail purchases, and we are offering Curbside Pickup/Delivery on weeknights and lunch and dinner hours during the weekends! Click the banner to place your order.

Q: What are you doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?

  • We offer "no touch" curbside pick up and delivery for our guests, and are only allowing healthy employees to work at this time. All of our guests are welcome to use any Disinfecting Wipes and hand sanitizer we have available at any time during their trip to our location. 

Q: When will you open again for dining?

  • We plan to open for dining on May 31st, unless the restrictions are extended. 


Q: How can I taste wine at your Wine Bar?

  • We have 64 Wines by the Glass Every Day in our WineStations! You can choose from three tasting sizes - 1 oz., 3 oz. or 6 oz. pour. Each guest receives a SmartCard upon arrival which gives you access to the WineStations. You simply insert the card into the slot, grab a glass and put it underneath the wine of your choice, and press your tasting size! The WineStation will dispense the wine for you.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

  • We have open seating during the day. For the evening beginning at 5:00 pm, we suggest making a reservation if you plan to dine with us, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. To make a reservation, click here.  

Q: Can I make a reservation for outdoor seating?

  • Our outdoor seating (which overlooks the DuPage River) is first come, first serve. However, feel free to make a reservation inside and visit your hostess upon arrival to see if you're able to be seated outside! 

Q: Do you serve food?

  • We have a large list of food options for every person's style! From Cheese & Charcuterie boards, to Bacon Wrapped Dates, to a fresh Salmon Salad, Flatbreads, Steaks,  Burgers, and more, we have something for every guest to enjoy. 

Q: Why are you taking my credit card/ID when I visit?

  • In order to check out a SmartCard, we must take an ID or credit card in return. Since these SmartCards give you access to our 64 Wines, we must have an authorized form of Identification or Credit Card on file in the case a guest accidentally walks out of our establishment with it, or the card becomes lost. 

Q: Do you sell Gift Cards? 

  • Yes! Gift Cards can be purchased in store only, or you can give us a call at 630.780.6464 and we can send it to you or your recipient for a $5 shipping fee.

Q: Can the SmartCard card be used as a gift card?

  • Yes! Our SmartCard card gives you access to our WineStations and can also be used to pay for your dining experience. 

Q: Why am I paying tax on a preloaded WineStation card?

  • The WineStation card, while we can give out as a gift card, does not work the same as a typical gift card from a store. For the WineStation card, we tax you at the point of sale because we do not add tax to our wines in our WineStations. For a gift card at any other store, the card is purchased for its value, and once you use it as a form of payment, they collect tax at that point with your purchase. 

Q: How do I book a private event?

  • Click here to inquire about booking  a private event! We can accommodate 10-100 guests, and we have multiple space options, including our NEW and Exclusive Reserve Room located right next to us!