About Us

Our Story

Owners Amy and Loren Beadle have lived in the western suburbs of Chicago for almost 30 years, but they also love to spend time on their favorite island in the world, Kiawah Island, South Carolina. In 2005 they opened their first retail store on Kiawah Island, and they now own eight retail stores and wine bars in South Carolina and Illinois.

Our Wine Philosophy

Terroir  – the right varietal, in the right soil, in the right climate. 

Value – a great bottle of wine doesn’t need to cost $50.

Exceptional Wines - are produced all over the world, not just in Bordeaux or California.

Varietals – explore lesser known grapes, they yield some of the most amazing and unique wines.

Experience – you don’t need to know a lot about wine to enjoy our tasting experience, wine should be fun and enjoyed with friends, old and new.

Food and Wine – they were meant to go together.

Temperature – 42*-48* for whites and 55*-60* for reds, our WineStations keep our wines at the perfect temperatures.

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